Two-day activity in the northern part of Albania.

The village of Lepush, part of Kelmendi area, is situated 1300 m above sea level. The Accursed Mountains, the most wonderful part of the Albanian Alps are found next to this village. There are many guesthouses in the village that offer warm hospitality and bio-food.

Plav&Guci are two areas that used to be part of Albania until the end of the 19 century whereas today they are part of Montenegro and serve as borders between these two countries. They are about 12 km away from the northest point of Albania, Vermosh. 

Day1: We will set off early in the morning from Tirana to Lepusha, with a short stopover at Leqet e Hotit and Tamare, two panoramic spots. Then we will continue the journey to visit Plav and Guci. After that, we will turn back to Lepushe to get accommodated and have lunch in one of the guesthouses of the area. 

Day2: We will get up early in the morning and set off to climb the mountain of Vejush, 2056m high (or the Mountain of Berishtol 1946 m high). After the descent, we will turn to the guesthouse to have lunch. After lunch we will turn back to Tirana.

What you should take with you:

1.hiking boots

2.sunglasses and a cap

3.energetic snacks such as dried fruits, nuts, chocolates etc.

4.a bottle of water 1.5-2L

Included: coach transfer to and from the destination as detailed, the guide tour, accommodation, 3 meals