Three-day activity that include the ascent of Tomor mountain and rafting.

Tomor is a mountain situated in the east of the city of Berat, Albania. It is 2416 m high. This mountain is of great importance to all albanian habitants because there it is found a religious temple and therefore it is a site of pilgrimage.

Osumi Canyon is the largest canyon found throughout Albania. It is 13 km long, 4-35 m wide and 70-80 m deep. It is endowed with impressive natural beauty, especially when you are inside it you can see waterfalls and in sunny day rainbows over them. It is a perfect place  to enjoy rafting in Albania.

Day1: We will set off at 16:00 p.m from Tirana towards the village of Dardhe, Berat. We will leave our transport vehicles in the village, and will hike for about two hours to the campsite. We will get accommodated in tents  and later on in the evening we will light a fire and have a barbecue as well.

Day2: We will set off early in the morning to attempt the ascent of Tomor mountain. The ascent will last for about 6 or 6 hours and a half, whereas the descent will last less than 6 hours. After the descent, we will turn back to the campsite and have a short break collecting the tents and then head toward the village of Dardhe. In the village we get back our transport vehicles and move toward Berat or Bogove, Skrapar where we will get accommodated. 

Day3: Once we are ready in the morning, we will take a short walk and after that we will head toward Osumi canyons, Skrapar where we will joing Albania Rafting Group. After a great rafting experience we will turn back to Tirana. 

 What should you take with you:

1.hiking boots

2.sunglasses and a cap

3.energetic food such as nuts, dried fruits, chocolate etc.

4. a bottle of water 1.5-2L

Included: coach transfer, accommodation, the guide tour, breakfast of the third day.