Tree-day activity at the Bay of Grama

This tour will include several types of sports at the most beautiful bay in Albania, The Bay of Grama. There will be hiking from Llogara to the bay of Grama and from the Bay of Grama to Palase; scuba diving in the Ionian coast and paragliding from Llogara. For this kind of tour, places are limited to 24 people. You would be advised to pay attention to what you need to have with you. The activity is suitable only for people with good physical preparation. 

Day1: We will set off from Tirana at 17:00 on Friday toward Llogara where we will get prepared for the next day. We will pass the night in wooden houses or in hotel rooms. Dinner is on you. We suggest you take with you some food that are temperature resistant and not perishable, not only for this day but also for the other days of the tour. 

Day2: We will leave Llogara just as the day will be dawning so to avoid high temeperatures and we will hike toward the Bay of Grama. The hike will last about 8 to 9 hours so be sure you have taken enough energetic food with you and a 2 liter bottle of water. After we reach the Bay of Grama, we will have a break and eat lunch. We will sunbathe and swim in this wonderful gem of the albanian coastline till the afternoon and then in the evening we will have barbecue. Later on we will be accommodated in tents which are of different sizes. There are tents that have room for 2, for 3 or for 4 people.

Day3: After having a snack in the morning of this day we will hike toward Palase. During the hiking we will have an half an hour break at the Bay of Saint Andre. Some of us would like to swim there is no problem but it will be just for 30 minutes.Then we will continue the hiking toward Palase. As soon as we get there,we will be divided into three groups: those who want to scuba dive, those who want to paraglide and those who want to relax and sunbathe in Palase or Drimadhes. In the afternoon we will turn bak to Tirana, with a short stopover on the way. 

What should you take with you:

1. a bottle of water (2L) for the second day and another bottle of iced water (5L) that will be transported to the Bay of Grama by a mule or a motorboat.

2.Food that is temperature resistant and not perishable and that is well wrapped. 

3.Energetic food such as nuts, dried fruits, chocolate for the hiking of the second and the third day

4.Sun hat, sunglasses and swimsuit

5.a pad mattress and a blanket to have a nice and comfortable sleep inside the tent

6.adventurous spirit

Incuded: accommodation of the first day, the guided tour, coach transfer to and from the destination as detailed. 

Not-included: food, transport of personal stuff by a mule or a motorboat like the food and the water, transport of the people that would not be able to hike.