Two-day activity to climb Mount Korab.

Korab is the highest mountain in Albania and one of the highest mountains in southeastern Eruope, 2764 m high. It lies along the border of Albania and Macedonia. It is rich with rare natural beauty. There you can find stones, rocks and green meadows. This mount is located in the district of Dibra which is one of the areas with the early culture and tradition and rich culinary and natural resoruces as well. Over the years, the district of Dibra is called "The civilization Emblem"

Day1: We will set off, on saturday morning from Tirana to the village of Tes, Radohima area, Diber, with a short stopover in the town of Kukes. Then, we will get accommodated at the guesthouses of the village and later on we will enjoy a dinner with local bio food. 

Day2: We will set off early in the morning to climb Mount Korab. The ascent will last about 6 hours while the descent about 4 hours. After the descent we will have a fast snack at the village waiting for the whole group to come together. Then we will turn back to Tirana with a short stopover on theway. 

What you should take with you:

1.Hiking boots

2.sunglasses and a cap

3.energetic food such as nuts, dried fruits, chocolate etc.

4. a bottle of water 1.5-2L

Included: coach transfer to and from the destination as detailed, accommodation, the guide tour.