Two-day activity toward the northest point of Albania

Lepusha and Vermosh have been identified as two natural masterpieces of Kelmendi area. Lepusha is located on a valley full of greenness and near to the valley rises powerfully the Accursed Mountains (Bjeshket e Namuna). This village is famous for large contrasts of landscapes offering in this way panoramic beauties. In summer the village is covered by  greenness whereas in winter it is covered by snow and in time of snow the valley of Lepushe is used as a ski-run. The village of Vermosh is the northest point of Albania and it is endowed with fabulous natural beauties such as valleys and mountain peaks. On the foot of these mountains you can spot waterfalls, canyons, caves, rich fauna and flora. Lepusha and Vermosh are typical alpin villages with characteristic alpin houses built with stones and typical cattles and meadow where you can find medical plants as well. For instance, in Lepushe at the end of July and at the beginning of August, in 1500 height are grown blueberries, whereas during fall with plenty of rainfalls there are grown many kinds of mushrooms. Some of them are edible. 

Day1: We will set off early in the morning from Tirana to Lepusha, with a short stopover at Leqe e Hotit and Tamare, two touristic spots. Then we will continue toward the village of Selce to visit the Waterfall of Sllapi, walking for about one hour. This waterfall is one of the most beautiful in Albania because there is 90% probability to see a rainbow over it. After that we will head toward Vermosh and then we will turn back to Lepushe to get accommodated and have lunch in one of the guesthouses of the area. 

Day2: We will get up early in the morning and set off to climb the mountain of Vejush, 2056m high. After the descent we will turn to the guesthouse to have lunch. After lunch we will turn back to Tirana.

What you should take with you:

1.hiking boots

2.sunglasses and a cap

3.energetic snacks such as dried fruits, nuts, chocolates etc.

4.a bottle of water 1.5-2L

Included: coach transfer to and from the destination as detailed, the guide tour, accommodation, meals (the dinner of the first day and the breakfast of the second day)