Two-day activity at Valbona Valley, Northern Albania. 

Valbona Valley is located 25-30 km northwest of the city of Bajram Curri. This valley is surrounded by high and craggy peaks thus creating a wonderful natural landscape. Recently, this valley has been the spotlight of many tourists because of the presence of a waterfall, a river and its greenes. Another distinctive feature of this area is the warm hospitality of the locals.

Day1: We will set off early in the morning from Tirana to Koman Lake with a short stopover on the way. Then in Koman we take the ferry to Fierza. The journey lasts about two hour and a half. When we get to Fierza, we continue our journey with our vehicles and drive towards Valbona. On the way to Valbona, we will have a stopover for lunch in the city of Tropoja. Then we will continue towards Valbona Valley and on the way we will stop to visit a very interesting water spring called Vredhe and also the best parts of the river of Valbona Valley. After that, we will get accommodated at Valbona Valley, in one of the guesthouses or hotels of the area. The day will end with a nice dinner with bio-food. 

Day2: After having breakfast in the morning at the local guesthouse where we are accommodated, we will be off to visit the beauty of Valbona Valley nature such as the waterfall, the mill etc. After the visit we will drive towards Kosovo to visit the Monastery of Decani. The lunch will be eaten in the city of Peja, Kosovo. After lunch we will turn back to Tirana. (If the group would like to visit the city of Prizren and not the city of Peja after the visit of the Monastery of Decani, we can modify this part of the tour).

What should you take with you:

1.Sports outfit in order to feel comfortable during the journey

2.sunglasses and a cap

3.a bottle of water 1.5-2 L

Included: The transportation from Tirana to Koman, from Koman to Fierza, from Fierza to Valbona, from Valbona to Decan, and from Decan to Tirana, accommodation,the guide tour and the meals (the dinner of the first day and the breakfast of the second day).