Day 1: You will be welcomed and picked up from "Mother Tereza" International Airport. After a nice welcome we will be off toward Elbasan city to get accommodated and later on, depending on the time of arrival,we will have a city tour.

Day2: Exploration. After having breakfast in Elbansan city. we will set off toward Gramsh town to explore The Cave of Kabashi, one of  the most beautiful caves in Albania, filled with diversified stalactites and stalagmites. After exploring the cave, we will move towards Sotira Waterfall that is found on the foot of Tomorri Mountain, where the campsite will be established. 

Day 3: We will set off early in the morning to climb Tomorr Mountain up to a height of 1300m where the campsite will be established, above the village of Dardh. The elevation this day will be 1000-1100m.

Day4: We will attempt to climb Tomorr peak, 2416m high. After we have tried the ascent of the mountain, we will move to Berat city.Then we will be accommodated at typical guesthouses  in the oldest quarter of the city called "Mangalem Quarter".

Day5: This day we will do a city tour in Berat. We will visit the castle, the Iconographic Museum "Onufri", the Etnographic Museum and the oldest quarters of the city with a unique architectural style. After the city tour, we will move towards Bogove, Skrapar, where we will get accommodated and get prepared for the next day's activity.

Day6: This is the rafting day at the Canyons of Skrapar, which are the most beautiful canyons in Albania and the excitement of the rafting experience in these canyons is very high.

Day7: This is called Bogova day, and we will do some walking in Bogova, to enjoy its nature. In the afternoon we will head towards Tirana. 

Day8: If there is enough time, we will have a short city tour of Tirana city, and later we will take you to the airport, hoping to see you next time.